by remainder

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released July 12, 2014

Welch Canavan — guitar, vocals
Michael Cantor — guitar, vocals
Jack Samuel — drums
Ben Tate — bass

Produced, engineered, and mixed by David Rosenstraus at the Braddock Hit Factory. Mastered by Bob Cooper.

Artwork by Kate Larue.




remainder D.C.

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Track Name: Remainder
whatever's left of you
remaining out of view
and in the carvings of the valleys where you tried to hide
are showing in your face and circles around your eyes
where there's nothing left of you

I want to feel the lightning of my youth
I want to know why faith was shaken loose
you still you remain in view
you still you remain
Track Name: Violence
out of the doors, on to the ground
and then into the street
the crowded rooms and back alleys
where we would often meet

scene after scene that we had witnessed through translucent lens
a contradiction that we owned and took up residence

we want it all

there was nothing left to see
we put our hands on it
a mantle broken down

rolled up his sleeves, took off his watch
and then i never wept
we went to bed, you held me by the neck until we slept

surrounded us through youth
the street light’s hum, the street vent’s hiss
not good or bad
something we know that always simply is

this is background noise
that defines our everyday
this is background noise
that is too much, too hard,
too easy to say
Track Name: Blind
blinded by the light of myself
i awoke to overturned shelves
the finest mess that useless hands could muster
with such resolve

the words you said to me
come back so frequently
tried not to turn from it,
just stay put and learn from it
the fact that you forgave
the way that i behaved
it is a gift to me
that i cannot conceive

preserved immaculate for me to remember
backlit encased in golden amber
a relic to carry, hold, and weigh me down
without resolution

your generosity
reflected heavenly
oh, i cannot believe

attempting to return
what i can not discern
a standard set for me
Track Name: Moving Targets
axes falling blindly
to come and cut you down
we're all moving targets
waiting for holy ground

the closest calls still ring true

your poison left you quickly
and knotted up your insides
and I still didn't make it home
to sit by your side

the closest calls still ring true
a near miss and I almost lost you