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released March 1, 2009

Produced and engineered by Joseph Mitra at Wired Wrists studios in Baltimore, Maryland on the seventh of March, Two Thousand and Nine.




remainder D.C.

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Track Name: Never Was
With broken arms I clearly see that you are not my friend.
The room is reeling now, that I could keep from feeling now.
Stopped counting down the days until this farce would finally end.
The paint is peeling now, why can’t you see I’m healing now?

Can’t you see that you hurt me?
You can’t see that you hurt me.

Go on and break me down, just bring me to the ground,
just bring to the ground, just break me down.
(You’ve gotten all there is to get, but I’m not fucking leaving yet.)

Until there’s nothing left.

I have taken all your hating, but you will never break me.
Track Name: Kinetic
A struggle just to breath for air.
My body bruised it lacked for care.
With will to stand but not to fight I followed you in to the night.
Now through the fog of push and pull you felt like home so comfortable.
With strength of hand, but not of mind we mustered all that we could find.

And all I wanted was to know that I was not dead. Know we are forever.

The carelessness of words and the readiness of hurt.
It was an easily found fight. It was a dozen lousy nights.
It was the holes that we kept in the corners of our beds.
It was the holes that were left in the corners of our heads.

And all I wanted was to know that you were not dead.

Months will pass while seasons change.
Wounds will heal when given days.
Now we live lives that we can own.
Reflected in you is how I’ve grown.

Although we didn’t grow together we still grew.
Track Name: Fight Death
It was the longest day that we had ever seen before
Wide awake the whole way through it
It was then that we knew just why we had fought so hard.
As it ended we knew it.

Rose from earth water rolled off and covered in dirt,
we used our eyes for the first time.
(As the sun set.)

Built it how we saw it through the cloud of hurt.
Looked upon our newfound home from red bathed mountains as the sun sets.

Never forget, remember our sweat.
That strength in our bones to fight against death.
Track Name: Slow Burn
If you believe that we are fighting breath or fighting to breath
If you believe that we are newborn children waiting to see.
This song is sung with throat and breath and teeth and tongue.
This song is sung.

We can find it in our fights and we see it in our sights, we still feel this now.
We grew it in our bones digging through our broken homes, we still feel this now.
In our aches and in our pains it is coursing through our veins, we still feel this now.

If you believe that we are fighting breath or fighting to breath.
If you believe that we are sleeping still while dreaming of dreams of the night
when we will finally believe our eyes and walk down to raze the fences that divide our towns.
Another page in the big black book of ghosts
that leaves an image in the dirt so we will know
this song is sung with water trapped inside our lungs.
This song is sung.

We spent years in the back rooms told that it would be done soon.
It will take years to unlearn what was printed with slow burn.
We are tracing the maps of our scars.
Clutching to the pieces that have made it this far.
Track Name: Dear Friends
My dear friends please hold my hand.
My dear friends hold up your heads.